Noise Reduction

Don’t let noise get to you!

TNF Inexa sound reduction in cabins.

There are different types of panels used for partition walls:

• TNF 2SA standard panels (50mm)

• TNF 2SM high noise reduction panels (50mm)

• TNF 2SF double walls (2x25mm plus air gap)

The difference in noise reduction between standard panels and high noise reduction panels is significant.

Many ship and rig owners specify TNF low noise products to improve their work and leisure environments, which will also be comfortably ahead of the authorities’ noise level regulations.

High noise reduction is where the TNF Inexa products excel. When correctly installed, they provide maximum quiet and comfort by reducing unwanted structural and airborne noises.

We will optimize the design of the double wall to the weight restrictions and sound reduction requirements. The optimization will include, among others, the following parameters; steel thickness, rockwool density, perforation of insides, distance between the walls and rockwool between the walls.