C 55 & C 65

Inexa TNF Ceilings C 55 & C 65.

Construction – The ceilings are self supporting systems with an inter locking joint. The ceiling panels are supported by the wall panel top profiles.

Features – The ceilings are self supporting up to 3000mm, individually demountable, fully insulated, and no extra insulation necessary to achieve the B-15 class fire rating.

Dimension – The ceiling panels are delivered in a standard with of 300mm or 500mm and are pre cut in lengths 800-3000mm to fit individual rooms.

The C65 Ceiling panels with steel on both sides are rigid enough to carry ventilation unit, without support – no hangers required.

The C55 Ceiling panels cannot carry accessories such as luminaries, diffusers etc. which have to be individually suspended from the deck head by means of hangers.

Max. load without suspension: 25 kg – at a span of 3000 mm

Max. hole size: 425 x 425 mm in the 600 mm wide panel.

Ceiling features

• Self supporting ceiling panels up to 3000 mm

• Individually demountable ceiling panels

• Fully insulated ceiling panels

• No extra insulation is necessary to achieve B-class fire rating

• Perforated, whenever needed

Ceiling – quick and easy to install and demount

The design of the ceiling panel joint makes the installation easy and fast and allows each individual ceiling panel to be demounted again. As the ceiling panels are fully insulated, the fire integrity will not be affected when the ceiling panels are demounted and reinstalled. By pressing the ceiling panels upwards at the joint, it is easy to release the panel. It can then be removed.