Technical Features

TNF JIT Cabins consist among others of:

• Precut and prefit TNF wall panels in 25 mm thickness with decorative surfaces on one side in either PVC foil or TNF Magic®, and galvanized steel on the other side.

• Precut and pre fit TNF ceilings in MAGIC® surface.

• All top and bottom profiles required for assembling of the individual cabins.

• Precut holes for cables and lighting fixtures.

• Cabin door with decorative surfaces in either PVC foil or TNF MAGIC®.

• Full integration of prefabricated wet unit.

• The TNF JIT Cabin is B15 certified all over.

• The TNF JIT Cabin can be made for any relevant noise reduction values between cabins and from cabins to corridors by optimazation of components.

• Complete turnkey solutions tailor made in coordination with the individual customer.

• Technical and supervisory support throughout the whole project including site management.