TNF Profiles

Inexa TNF profiles for all solutions onboard ships and offshore units - marine accommodation systems.

The TNF profiles are the hidden secrets of the perfect accommodation system. In most cases the role of the profile is to “function but not be seen”. The TNF profiles have been developed in close cooperation with customers since 1973 in order to be the optimal link between walls, ceilings, doors, wet units, windows, floors and other elements of the interior.

When the products leave Inexa’s manufacturing base, the TNF package is complete. The profiles will be delivered together with the panels and other more visible products to make the installation smooth and efficient.

The brilliant TNF H-profile TNF 320 is a typical example of an “intelligent” profile. The same profile is used for many different functions in the TNF accommodation system. The H-profile has a stiff beam structure and makes the strongest joint in the market. As an added value the H-profile can be used as reinforcement for installments on the walls, and in all 50 and 100 mm panels the H-profile can be used as a channel for electrical cables.