B- and C Doors

TNF Inexa B 15 single door. TNF Inexa B 15 double door.

The TNF B- & C – Doors are made to create beautiful and comfortable interiors for crew and passengers, at the same time as the doors are strong and durable for difficult conditions.

The TNF Door will make living on board quiet and private even in the noisiest environment.

The door leaf is delivered with many attractive surfaces. Reinforcement plates for hinges, door closer, panic device and magnet are installed to the inside of the door leaf. The door frame is delivered in many flexible solutions to fit any kind of panel and installation methods. The frame is delivered with a coat of zinc and painted or in stainless steel. All sills are covered by 1 mm stainless steel.

The B-doors are:

Standard single


High noise reduction

Panic bar


Kick out panel

Ventilation Louvre

Top panel