TNF Magic®

TNF is the complete high quality accommodation system for all marine interiors. The TNF system includes wall and ceiling panels, doors, floors and wetunits. TNF Inexa has been leading the development in marine interiors since 1973. The products from TNF Inexa are very safe and stylish, much because of the award winning and innovative TNF Magic®. It was a major break through in technology in the mid 90ies when Inexa launched TNF Magic®. Production systems by TNF Inexa resulted in a revolutionary new approach to the style of a safe, fire retardant wall finish – TNF Magic®. It is a halogen free surface which allows the customer to choose surface color and design. The limit is the sky! It is combined with the highest standard and safety regarding noise and fire. It was, and still is, a complementary to the traditional PVC panels. Of course TNF Magic® surpasses all technical standards and is safer and more durable than many other alternatives. Furthermore, it is more stylish and allows interior designers to be more creative. The well-known and highly appreciated TNF Magic® is chosen by many owners, designers and shipyards. It is the natural choice. Furthermore, it is approved by all classification societies world wide.

TNF Magic® has received the ship safety award from Lloyd’s Register and Royal Institution of Naval Architects. The award serves to promote a greater awareness of the need for safer ships and is presented to individuals or organizations whose work has made a significant contribution to improving safety at sea and protection of the environment. The distinguished judges confirmed that TNF Magic® has made a significant contribution in both areas. It is the first time the prestigious Ship Safety Award has been given to an interior accommodation system supplier.