TNF Floating Floors

TNF Inexa floating floors.

TNF system FS floating floor is designed for universal applications on ships and offshore installations. The TNF floor units FS7 and FS5 consist of a specially developed Rockwool insulation material surfaced by a 2 mm thick steel plate. This special insulation adds significantly to the strength of the surface.

The TNF floating floor unit FS7 has been developed to meet the latest requirements for:

• A60 Fire insulation (A60 deck construction)

• High noise reduction (low noise level)

System features:

• Approved as A60 rated deck construction.

• Effective structural noise damping and sound insulation.

• High load bearing capacity with 2 mm steel surface.

• Easy and fast installation – handy sized units, fully insulated.

• Units jointed by tack welding – no additional fastening.

The floating floor also serves the purpose of absorbing vibrations and sound that spread through the steel deck.