TNF Wet Units

TNF Inexa wt units.

The TNF Wet Units are made with a special focus on details to ensure that form, function and durability contribute to the overall effect.

The TNF Wet Units are made according to customer specifications or as standard units for all kinds of environments in passenger ships, freight ships, offshore vessels, navy ships and other applications, including applications on land, like hotels.

The TNF Wet Units are made as pre-fabricated ready-to-install modules or as knock-down kits for refurbishment or other situations where it is not possible to use a ready-to-use modular unit.

We manufacture the wet units under the strictest quality control. Our production is ISO 9001 certified by DNV and we have the DNV MED-D certificate for the factory. Our quality control also includes the suppliers of components and accessories in order to safeguard the total quality of the complete wet unit. The TNF Wet Units are 100 % tested before delivery and are ready for quick and easy piping and electrical installations.

In our design we focus on long lasting solutions which will give the user maximum comfort in all situations.

The TNF Wet Unit walls and ceilings are built up by the special TNF Wet Unit Panels into a waterproof, rigid and fire-safe construction. The wall surface is coming with the options of TNF Magic®, PVC, stainless, painted or tiles depending on customer’s preferences.

The TNF Wet Unit floors are designed to meet the special needs on the sea. The bottom structure is welded to a strong and waterproof construction where functions like water flow and floor heating are combined. The floor surface is anti-mildew and anti-slippery and finished in tiles, mosaic, vinyl or other customer specified alternatives.