TNF JIT Cabins

TNF Inexa JIT Cabins. TNF Inexa JIT Cabins.

The concept of the TNF JIT Cabin is based on the popular TNF Modular System, where all product items are precut and pre fitted in our workshop prior to packing them in installation order on one crate per cabin.

The manufacturing, delivery and installation onboard ships, is based on our philosophy called Just-In-Time (JIT) where the ultimate target is: “To supply each working station with the correct amount of units at exactly the right time.”

The JIT-philosophy, which we have integrated in our production and worked with for many years, eliminates unnecessary and time consuming procedures for greater efficiency. The inevitable cost savings are considerable and directly benefit the customer.

The main principal is to produce for use and not for stock. This requires optimizing of all working operations, and adjusting of the production flow, delivery flow and installation flow throughout the whole process, so that everyone involved plays by the JIT-rules. The total costs are cut to a minimum as the whole project is streamlined in order to achieve the optimal flexibility in the manufacturing, delivery and installation process with minimum stock, avoiding unnecessary work phases.

The TNF wall and ceiling panels including cabin doors which fulfill the B15 class requirements are packed on crates, cabin by cabin, in the right installation order. Then they are transported to a workshop established near the vessel where the cabins are built as modules including toilet unit, electricity and furniture before being transported onboard.

The construction of TNF JIT Cabin module is such that it forms a strong self-supporting box and therefore is easy to move onboard with a rolling system also available from TNF Inexa.